Is there a GOD? ‘YES’ and here’s why

‘Does god exist and if yes where?’ Was a question thrown up by a friend of mine that kept me pondering.

The existence of something so omnipresent and omniscient yet so confined has always intrigued mankind. We are a combination of the feelings in our heart and the thoughts in our brains. The heart wants no logic but love while the brain opposes that stimulation. Here is where it all starts. The quest to walk down a path where your brain and heart settle down for one answer.

How about someone just showed up an evidence for GOD’s existence? No miracles , no beliefs but only pure evidence. Who drives the universe? Who governs the nature? And these questions intrigued me to set out and look for my answers.

Our lives are uncertain but what we see constant around us is the sun rising day after day no matter what. While we as humans have mastered our art and landed on the moon and mars, we are yet to discover the forces that run the universe. The greatest scientists have been amused by the rule book the universe follows and have not been able to define a logical answer to this. And this is still a mystery. That brings me to believe that there is a force , out of our reach that drives this all.

As the law of conservation of energy says “ Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another”.And we are all nothing but the same energy that drives the universe.

And as Shakespeare said, ‘All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players’ , and we are all a part of the drama directed by none but the numero uno.

We are fragments of that force that take up different forms as we walk down this planet. And as we march through our lives we set out to pursue him, constantly initiating and seeking for us to find him and reunite with the ultimate power.

GOD’S existence – the more you seek the more you believe!!


4 thoughts on “Is there a GOD? ‘YES’ and here’s why

  1. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another and if humans are an integral part (energies) of the universe than why do human die at the end? Why does every human avatar have to die one day and have to judge again in dharma kshetra? ( life after death) Maybe there are few rules which universe have and we are bound by it.
    I believe it’s who we are which defines our soul and what we think defines our life.

    I do have a different perspective on the permanence of god. I think, its science which can define god does exist, we just have to see through it. When I say science, I don’t mean hard-core logical facts, nor I mean long length explanation of big-bang theory and existence of life. What I am stating is a simple observation which I have made till now . Here’s why I believe so –
    From childhood, we have always taught that there are always 2 sides of coin, head, and other tail, In science – there is a positive integer and then there is a negative integer and in life, you either live or die, you either love or hate, peace or war, success or failure, best friends or enemies…the point is if there is something “Negative” to compensate there has to be something “Positive” or else the world would never be a balanced place to live.Just take a moment and think about any possible word in English dictionary and you shall get antonym. If science has proven Ghost, haunted souls, devil or paranormal activities are present in this world and which are considered as “negative” then according to what I believe in making it equal some “positive” vibes has to be present to which people call god.

    It’s really a great article! Good work girl 😉 (y) .

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    1. Thank you for your insights. I would totally agree on your take on how we have always been surrounded by the flip-flops of good and bad but when talking about god and as u termed it ‘positive’ , is a true word. And as you asked about why humans die , it is just the body that perishes, the soul is eternal. While on earth that body is a rented hub for the soul which we leave behind when we transcend.


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