The wedding platter!

Wedding seasons hea, filling up the streets with the band ,baja and barat. Happy faces all decked up in their best attires. The shopping checklist to the guest list , menu lists and more lists.

Weddings have always been my fun place. All dolled up in my favorite lengha , the carefree barat dance and not to forget the KHANA . Ohh ,i missed up on the relatives. The tech savvy dadi and the doting dada , selfie wali sister , the bhukkhad brother,“beta kitne marks aye” wali chachi ,“beta konse saal me ho college ke” wale chacha add the extra wedding flavor. But this year was all different. I was done with my studies and no more a student which meant i would no longer be shot with these questions and my SPI and backlogs were no ones priority.

This isn’t all.The bride beaming with her smile and the groom showing his SWAG off. Friends catching up on their memories and the mother holding back her tears. The sangeet fun and frolic to the gloomy bidai , a wedding is an emotional joy ride.

And here hangs a family portrait , a timeless masterpiece , and nothing else but it lies there on my work table for I know the power those smiles hold.


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