The ‘TRY’ trap

At 10,000 ft , on the Himalayan hills, strained , exhausted and not a molecule of protein inside the body, 4000 ft more to conquer before I reach the summit. I sat on a rock besides me and took time to talk to myself and started with a message to myself ‘ I will try my best’. 10 minutes later I was seated on a similar rock all the more exhausted. But this time I had an edited message for myself that read  ‘ I can do this and I will do this’. Two days later, I was at 14,000 ft clicking selfies and patting myself for achieving this.

We use this word ‘try’ way too often for us to surrender to the problems we encounter.

Try is the dim that is a mix of white of ‘do it’ and the dark of ‘do not do it’ .

Thoughts generate actions. With ‘try’ we do not send in a clear message to the mind and often end up with results that are unpredictable and at times undesirable.

Deleting ‘try’ from our vocabulary is a sure shot remedy.

Aligning ourselves to clear actions will not only help us achieve our goals but also magnetize us in the right directions.


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